Monday, November 12, 2012

Graham Crackers.

When my friend Devon got the chance to jet off to SanFran for the weekend, I begged her to stop at my favorite bakery (that I've never actually been to). As a surprise she brought me back a pack of their graham crackers, and I knew I had to learn how to make them myself. Buttery, dense, and nothing like the graham crackers that come out of the cookie isle of your local supermarket, these delicious nibbles did nothing less than change my opinion of the snack.  With their little scalloped edges they were almost too cute to eat, and when I had a free moment on Sunday, I whipped up a batch using this recipe.  They were sinfully delicious, easy to make, and the ingredient list was short.  The only comment I have is that they will definitely be making a reappearance again soon.

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