Monday, October 22, 2012

Playing Tourist.

Fort McHenry.
This past weekend was Parent's Weekend on campus.  My mom, my ultimate partner in crime, and I explored Baltimore together, and I made sure to knock a few places off my never ending Baltimore Bucket list.  To get to the point, I fell in love with Fort McHenry.  I consider myself a history buff (history geek if we're being honest), and adored walking around the fort exploring the innovative design, listening to the story of the battle, and getting a great view of the inner harbor in the process.  We made our way over to Fell's Point and stopped at an oyster stand ("buck a shuck"), and an italian gelato shop.  Walking around the historic neighborhood is my favorite Baltimore past time, and the day was perfect for it. We eventually ended our day at Woodberry Kitchen, a place I have been dying to go to, and its deliciously prepared local fare did anything but disappoint (and was consumed too quickly to be photographed).  The weekend was rounded off with Sunday brunch at a local place around campus, and it was a great ending to a perfect weekend.

Mom and me. 

Gelato in Fell's Point.

Sunday Brunch at Donna's.

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